Choose The London Stansted Train For A Stress-Free Start To Your Holiday

The reliable Stansted Express is able to provide you with fast and comfortable transport direct from central London to Stansted airport. The regular train service has trains running every fifteen minutes, and every half an hour during late night services, helping to ensure that you enjoy a peaceful and hassle-free start to your holidays.

Stansted Express Trains To Stansted Airport

If you are hoping to travel in style and experience the ultimate heights of travelling comfort, then why not consider travelling first class with the Stansted Express?
First class seats to and from London offer a variety of additional benefits, including access to a first class travellers lounge, increased legroom and spacious seating, a security pass and a selection of refreshments for the duration of your journey. Therefore, if you are hoping to relax or even finish some work during your journey, then choosing to travel first class could be the ideal option for you.

Find A Direct Route From London To Stansted Train Station

Whether you are hoping to travel to Stansted via London Liverpool Street, or alternatively from Stratford (East London), the Stansted Express service is able to offer you fast and direct transport to the airport’s rail station.
For your journey, you can choose to purchase your tickets from either the railway itself, or online – for the latest discounts and offers on your train fare.

It Is Quick And Simple To Find Trains From Stansted To London

After a long flight, many people dread the final leg of their journey home, especially when a lot of luggage needs to be carried. However, by taking advantage of the Stansted Express service that is offered by the airport, your final journey can be transformed into one of relaxation and speed.
When travelling with the Express service, you can expect to be taken directly into the heart of London within 35-45 minutes, so it doesn’t have to be long before your back within the comfort of your own home.


London Stansted Arrivals Is Only A Short Walk From The Station

Once you have arrived by train to the airport, you will find that you are immediately in the very centre of the airport. The rail station itself is only a very short walk from the arrivals area, so whether you are arriving yourself at the airport, or coming to meet someone from an arriving flight, you’ll be able to quickly find your way to the rail station and be on your way!