London Stansted Hotels Are In Close Proximity To The Airport

Whether you’ve recently arrived from a flight, preparing to depart or simply in between connecting flights – in Stansted there are a large selection of contemporary and comfortable hotels which can help you to have a pleasant journey.
All of the available hotels are located on the outskirts of the airport, and are usually within a 5 minute travelling distance from the terminal. Moreover, the majority of these hotels offer a transfer bus service which can take you directly from the hotel’s front door to the airport terminal, helping you to get to the airport in time and with little fuss.

Are You Looking For A London Stansted Hotel?

A wide range of hotel options can be browsed and booked online, making it simple to plan suitable accommodation for your trip. Online you can find a number of hotel options which cater to the needs of everyone, as well as a variety of budgets. So whether you’re looking for a luxurious night’s stay in stylish lodgings, or a comfortable room at a low price, then you are sure to find the ideal choice of hotel for you.

Spend A Restful Night In London Stansted Before Your Flight

As well as choosing to stay at a hotel after arriving from a late night flight, some people also choose to stay over at a hotel the night before their flight. This is a great idea for passengers who may have already taken a long journey in order to get to Stansted, as it offers them a chance to rest and recuperate before the next leg of their journey begins. Furthermore, by choosing to stay over at a hotel the night before your flight, you can give yourself ample opportunity to prepare to check in early at the airport the next day.

Take A Well Earned Rest At The Days Hotel London Stansted Before Continuing Your Journey

The Days Hotel is an exceptional choice of hotel in the London Stansted area, and is located in close proximity to Stansted airport itself. The 3* hotel is both contemporary and refined in style, and is known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere which can help to guarantee you a calm night’s sleep before your flight the next day.
The hotel’s close proximity to Stansted airport means that it is ideal for one night stays or as a quick stop-off point between connecting flights. Additionally, rooms for both couples and families are available, and there are great facilities for children which makes this hotel the ideal stop-off point for families with young children.
The Days Hotel boasts competitively low prices, so in order to guarantee yourself a great night’s rest at this exceptional choice of hotel, you should go online in order to book your room well in advanced.